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PPG Waveterm picture

The above picture is a Waveterm-B. This unit links to a keyboard to form a powerful sound development system. Although sound editing has now become very affordable and many packages are available, this unit offered not just sample editing but Fourier transforms. One could take a sine wave and generate complex waveforms which could be added into a wavetable allowing a sound to travel through many different waveforms.

A project was started some years ago by Dave Forward to recreate the same functions on a PC. The result was stereo wavetables and Fourier analysis of mouse drawn waveforms. Harmonics could be created using the mouse instead of typing numbers into harmonic tables. Although the full software was never finished, the main Fourier pages were finished and a demo can be downloaded.

The PC software has been used successfully on several tracks recorded at The Basement Studio in the past.

The demo version of the Waveterm is the same as the full working Waveterm except none of the comms routines are present which link the program to the Wave 2.3 keyboard (or any other PPG devices).


Waveterm C - the demo
Waveterm-C instructions (check these before downloading the demo)
Download the Waveterm-C Demo (487k zip file)


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