The Bands and Artists

These are some of the artists who record at the Basement Studio.

Many of the bands listed below do not have their own web sites yet but this page will be updated as things develop.

Escape Escape

Escape signed to Synthetique records in 1996 and later the same year did a remix for Stress Records with 'I Love America' by Full Intention.

Cold Flame Cold Flame

The Glossop based blues-rock band. Check out their web site!

The Blues Busters The Blues Busters

The Blues Busters play 60's & 70's music in the style of Rhythm & Blues.

Dave Dave Forward

Although being very heavily involved with Escape and other projects, Dave still occasionally manages to record the odd song or two of his own.

Hal Hal

Jon Dean and Dave Forward teamed up in 1987 to form 'Hal'. They produced Dance music that was catchy and very quickly came to the attention of Kennedy Street Management. For more info about 'Hal', Please read the history section on the Studio.

Profile Profile

Started out doing Rap music in the early 90's. The first record pressed from the studio was for Profile. They are now working with Black Grape and have achieved a degree of success. Copies of the 12" record can be bought via the studio at the much reduced price of £1.50 each.

Zaran Zaran

Zaran is best described as a cross between a Punk and a New-Wave Romantic. His music is both catchy and rhythmic in a mid-80's style. His fashion is very distinct and different.

Andrew Andrew Mellor

Andrew is a singer / songwriter. He is the lead singer in several bands as well as recording his own solo projects.

Whitby Dreams Whitby Dreams

The Musical set at the beginning of the 20th century about life in the fishing town of Whitby.



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